Chosen for National Service

On Monday night, I log into my Facebook account and discover that the list of the chosen names for Form 5 students (born in year 1992) to go for National Service is out. I started to feel nervous if my name was chosen or not. What makes me more nervous is when I couldn’t get into the website to check as there are many people in the website checking for their names too. That night, before I go to bed, I prayed. I told God whether my name is chosen or not, it’s His decision as He knows what’s best for me. That very same night, I dreamt that I saw my name in the list of the chosen ones. The next morning, when my mum woke me up for school, she told me that my dad had already checked my name in the website and my name was chosen. I thought I was still dreaming as it was still early in the morning. So, I took out my ipod touch and went into the website to check. I was shocked when the “Tahniah dan Selamat Maju Jaya!” (Congrats and all the best) sentence pop out of the screen. I double check it by smsing just in case I’m still half sleeping. And it reply “Tahniah. Anda telah dipilih untuk Khidmat Negara” (Congrats. You have been chosen for National Service). It was still unbelievable. It’s very unexpected that my name has been chosen.

When I went to school, everyone was excited and they all asked around to find out who else got chosen. Not many people in my school had been chosen compared to last year. Some wanted to go but their name was not chosen. And some were dissapointed that their name have been chosen. I believe it’s God decision that my name was chosen. Maybe He has plans for me while I’m there. Who knows?! But there’s one thing I know for sure is that He will guide me through while I’m there and He will definitely keep me save. It may also be a test on how much I have faith in Him and williing to step out from my comfort zone to be in a place where there is no one to rely on but Him. It may be anything! And I’m sure I will not only come back in one piece with more muscles but I’ll also come back with great testimonies waiting to be shared.

For those form 5 out there whose names are also been chosen, don’t be upset about it. National Service may not be that bad after all. Try to turn the situation around and look at the positive side. It’s a good experience that not many people have the chance to experience it. Life is an adventure where it is all about trying new things, learning new things and experience new things. Of course different people have different thinking. If a person who doesn’t like outdoors and camping may find that National Service is going to make them suffer. But for a person who likes adventure and outdoors may enjoy themselves while they’re in National Service. No one knows what it’s like until he/she experience it himself/herself. Don’t just hear form someone about it. You may not think like that someone. And if you don’t try, then forever you may not know what it’s like to be there and all that you know is everything you heard form that someone. You never get to experience it youself to have your own opinion. To grow and learn for the rest of our lives, we must overcome our fears – not by making them go away but by recognizing them that there is something worst than discomfort, worst than the unknown, worst than failure. The worst thing is to never try at all. Everything has good and bad side of it but one thing for sure is that whatever we do, even in everyday life, make the best out of it and it will turn out to be something far more amazing than what we’ve expected. Remember, the sun will always shine brightly eventhough there are dark clouds in front of it. And if you have the chance to do something, grab the opportunity and never let it go until it has become the past.


  1. fern says:

    very true, Amanda. Hope it all goes well for us and it will become one of the best experiences in our lives! 🙂

  2. selva says:

    Pl help I am going from 1 site to another and am not able to to get the correct site to check my sons status on his national service admission. I thought it is simple as abc just press button ans is obt pl help if you can

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