My very-own iPod Touch

Dad bought me an iPod Touch just now. I was really shocked and surprised. He told me that I have being a good girl. So, he decided to buy it for me which I was hoping to have one for quite some time. I didn’t know he would buy for me. My dad posted a message in his Facebook about me being a good girl and decided to buy me one. This means that all of his friends in Facebook already knew about it while I’m still clueless. Mum finally told me about it after dad bought it for me. Dad bought a 16GB iPod Touch for me at Queensbay. And as usual, I am extremely happy and excited about it. Heehee…

The iPod Touch contains many features in it. To name a few, you can download and upload games, music, movies, videos…etc… Oh yeah, did I mention that you can also surf the net anytime, anywhere as long as there’s internet connection? Yes, the high-technology iPod Touch contains Wi-Fi too!! You can just send emails from Starbucks, surf the web at the airport and anywhere that has wireless network. It’s really…REALLY cool!




  1. claire says:

    haha AMANDA AMANDA like you don’t know your dad would buy for you… I envy you wei my little mei mei … Your dad is so super cool although he could let you go out with your friends and not like have 2 body guards haha… anyway have fun with your new toy little sister you deserve it …

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