City in Worship – From Penang to Jesus!

Went for City in Worship in my church (EPCC) yesterday night. Other churches in Penang were also there as we come together to worship. It was an awesome night. There were dance performances by the youth members and also a presentation by the CATs (Creative Arts Troopers) from EPCC.

We started worship from 7pm until almost 10pm. Although there’s school tomorrow and my voice started to change after the service, but it’s all worth it. All of us had so much fun yesterday night. For those who din’t come yesterday night, you miss all the fun and excitement but there will be more coming soon in other church. Make sure you don’t miss it the next time. =)  Sorry there is no pictures taken as I forgot to bring my camera. (^.^)

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  1. Ch'ng Oon Tian says:

    I have a slide show of Sunday’s “City In Worship” in my Facebook if you’re interested.
    God Bless.

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