School is starting soon!

School will be starting this Monday. I’m so excited to go back to school but at the same time sad because it’s the last year of school life. Last year of spending time with friends and enjoy school life. After that, we will all be going into different directions and chasing our own dreams. There won’t be enough time for us to hang out and chit-chat like we used to in school anymore.

For those who are same age as me, there will be SPM soon. And eventhough SPM seems to be a long way to go, time pass by very fast. Then, it’ll be the end of school… The end of school life. We may all go into different directions after school but I hope we will still treasure all those memories we had together. All those good times we had together will remain as a memory and we may also be far apart from each other, but our friendship will continue to stay strong and we’ll keep in touch with each other.


Class of 2008




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