Solving a price discrepancy in the hypermarkets?

The next time if you are ever in the situation where you are charged for a higher price compared to the price tag on the shelf, you can demand the hypermarket to charge you at the lowest price. According to my dad’s friend, the consumers are covered by the Malaysian Consumer Protection Act 1999 which specified that all traders including hypermarkets should always honor the lowest price. It is in the Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

If they refuse to do that, go and make a report with the Consumer Tribunal Court. The primary objective of this Tribunal Court is to let consumers have a forum to file claims in a fast, cheap and simple way. The filing fee to file a claim is only RM5.00 and you will need to fill a claim form which is known as Form 1.

To know more, go and check out the Consumer Tribunal Court website.

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