Another Price Discrepancy – Jusco Queensbay Mall

Seems like the problem of price discrepancy between what is listed on the shelf tag and the actual amount charged is quite common among the hypermarkets or supermarkets. 2 days ago, we faced similar problem at Giant Hypermarket.

Today, I went for lunch with my dad and brother at the Queensbay Mall, Penang. After our meal, we decided to buy the Ambi Pur car refresher from Jusco Queensbay Store. As we were in a rush, we did not managed to scan and check the price before proceeding to the cashier. And since we were only buying 1 item, it was easy for us to remember the price which was RM14.90 as listed on the shelf.

However, when the cashier scanned the item, it was listed as RM19.90 in the system, giving a price difference of an extra RM5.00 which is about 34% more. So we went back to the shelf and took that label and went to see the customer service to let them know of the price discrepancy and they decided to refund us the RM5.00 (refer the receipt below).

No doubt, Jusco did display a sign at the checkout counter informing customers that they will charge the lowest price if there are any price discrepancies, but then, if we are not careful to take note of the original price, we would have bought the item at a much higher price. This will usually happens if we buy a lot of items and not able to remember the prices of all the items.

Problems like these really put consumers in a disadvantage position. Moreover, how are consumers able to do any price comparison between the retailers to find the lowest price when what are listed may not be the actual prices? Unless, we take everything to the price scanner to scan every items.

The reason these retailers gave was always the same. Not able to update the shelf tag in time. If that is the case, then they should have came out with a better system instead of just giving that excuse.

So the next time you go shopping in any of the hypermarkets or supermarkets, bring along a piece of paper and pen. Write down all the prices and counter-check them with the receipt to ensure you are not overcharged. In inflation times like this, every sen counts.


  1. ArBwear says:

    Well you are lucky. three weeks ago I was not happy and i went to complain to the supervisor for the price discrepancy for the bread sold in the bakery section and you know what happened? One fo his staff asked from the security guard there for his baton and stood in front of me. Dont you see that this is some kind of insult and threathen? Well I am going to take action against this matter and what I want from them is a public apology.

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