Life – A Journey

What does the word “life” means to you? Is it something precious? Or is it something worthless and meaningless? Well, life to me is like a journey we have to go through before we can reach home (Heaven). It’s just like journey on the road. And along the way, there’s always traffic jam, road blocks and anything at all that we faced before we reach the destination. There are also many route we can take to reach the destination.

Well, the journey of life is the same as the journey on road.  Since the day we were born, the journey of our life began. And along the journey, there are always road blocks that we had to go through. These road blocks are the challenges we faced in life. It can be about friends or family, school or work. It can be about anything. There are also many paths on a journey for us to choose. And therefore, we must make wise decision on which path to take so we wont ended up going the wrong way and may lead us to “unhealthy” things like smoking, drugs or anything that can make us regret later.

We can choose on how we want our life to be by choosing which path to take. It’s true that life is short. We may not know when our life journey will end. And that’s why while we’re still alive, we need to appreciate everything and everyone around us. Life is too short to end up with full of regrets. Not everyone has the oppourtunity to go through the journey till the end. So, while we’re on the journey of life, we must try to make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. Don’t look back and grive over the past for it is gone. And don’t be troubled about the future for it has not yet come. Just live the present and make it as wonderful as you can.

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