Electone Exam

Yesterday, I had my Electone Exam which almost scared me to death. I have not taken any music exam before and this is my 1st time so I don’t really know how it’s like. At first I was so sure that the exam was gonna be easy and it’s not really that important compare to school exams. So, I didn’t really put in much effort….until the day of the exam. I’ve been watching movies, reading “success and motivational” books and sometimes going online. But I haven’t been practicing at all. Yesterday was the exam and yesterday only I started practicing. I woke up at 10 a.m (which is quite early for me. I had a weird dream on that exam and it woke me up…). Then I started practicing and practicing. There was not much to practice as there were only 2 songs to play, a few chords and the hearing test which there was no one to test me at home.

I have to reach there half an hour early for registration. I was so calm until I entered the Music World. I saw so many parents and kids all waiting for the exam. I checked my name and the songs I wanna play. After I check, there was still time and that’s when I started to feel nervous. When I entered the room, there were 2 examiners (which made me even more nervous than before…). They chose a song and asked me to play. Then one of them tested me the cords and the hearing test. Surprisingly, it was very fast. When the examiners told me “that’s all. Bye Bye…”, I was thinking “that’s it?? wow…that was fast…”. I was only in the room for less than 5 minutes. It turns out not so bad after all. But honestly, I did felt more nervous compare to taking school exams.

For those who doesn’t know what is electone, well here it is. (Just like I have at home…)


  1. Ednard Lian says:

    ooo … Examiners comes in a variaty of attitude, sometimes crazy, sometimes mad, and they seldomly have smiles on their faces. I think u were lucky enough to get a smilly-faced one. LOL !

    Good Luck la
    ~ Ednard ~

  2. Katrina says:

    that is an electone. i thought is an organ.haha. eh, u taking music classes? cool . maybe we can jam someday.XD

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