Trip to KL & Genting Highlands – Day 3 (last day)

On the third day, we checked out at 7.30 a.m and we went for breakfast. Today is the last day of our vacation so we wanna enjoy the fullest. At 9.00 a.m, we went to theme park and play!!!

Wei Fernn, Me & Lee Fen

(We all got so wet after going for this ride. The splash was huge!!) From behind: Natalie, Wei Fernn, Lee Fen & Me
(Mine train… We ride this train for 2 times. Wei Fernn ride for 3 times!!)

From behind: Lee Fen, Natalie, Wei Fernn & Me
(I have a great time together with them.)

Me & the mascot Benny!!! We also went to Motion Master 3D. It’s was really fun!!!

(Natalie & Me) Before we leave, we ride the Ferris Wheel… Our last ride….

(Natalie & Me)

But before we go home, we went to Animal Kingdom… There were a lot of animals there.

You don’t see this kind of bird everywhere.

I adore the colours of the feathers!!!

I’ve forgotten what’s this called but it’s very cute!!! I wish I can take them home and keep them as pets…

Even though I hate spiders, but you don’t see this kind of spider everyday… It’s kinda rare….

I like this bird so much… Our last picture together before we leave… We all slept in bus on the way home to Penang. It’s an amazing trip. I hope to go there again with my friends. I did learn more about my friends and we are all definitely closer after the trip!!!

(From bottom: Natalie, Wei Fernn, Lee Fen & Me)

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