Trip to KL & Genting Highlands – Day 1

We reach school at 6.45 a.m and the bus depart at 7.00 a.m. We were all so excited about the trip!!

Me & Lee Fen in the bus. On the way to Kuala Lumpur.

We 1st went to Ajinomoto Factory when we reach KL. We went to look around the factory. But before that, we need to wear helmets. We look so funny in it. (>.<)

(From left: Me, Lee Fen & Miss Ang)

Me & Lee Fen. (After going round the factory. We were so tired and hot.)

It’s fun seeing our friends cooking. We were already hungry and they make us even hungrier when we all smell their cooking… (T.T)

Wei Fernn and Nuraini were called up front to cook for us… Yummy!!!

Group Photo!!! (Before we left the factory…) After the Ajinomoto factory, we went to Beryl’s Chocolate Factory!!

(Me & Lee Fen) Me!!! Took pictures with some friends. I got no idea what’s that behind us…Taking picture with the teachers before leaving the factory.

(From left: Miss Ang, Miss Ho, Me, Lee Fen & Pn. Gan)

Then, we went to Midvalley Mega mall. It was huge!!! It’s like twice the size of Queensbay Mall. This teddy bear is cute… (^.^) Vintage Car!!! It’s quite nice… Natalie & Me!!! We went to Dome to have our dinner. Nothing is cheap there, so we decided to share.

(I forgot what’s this called already) The spaghetti is nicer compared to the rice. It’s quite big.

Luckily, Natalie, Lee Fen and I shared.

Me & Lee Fen… We shopped till we’re hungry!!!

Natalie & Me… (She can’t wait to eat d… That’s why she’s holding a fork!!) After Midvalley, we went to another shopping mall, Pavilion. It just open about 6 months ago. It’s more expensive compared to Midvalley because there were all branded clothes here… Wow… It’s really nice looking from here. We’re still at Pavilion Shopping Mall. Lee Fen, Me & Natalie.

(We took this picture while waiting for the rest to come out from the mall.) In the bus. Going to the Maluri Hotel to check in. We were all so tired, our legs were sore but we did enjoy… (^.^) After visiting to all the places, only we check in the hotel as the location of the hotel is quite far.

(From left: Natalie, Me & Lee Fen)

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  1. Ednard Lian says:

    PAVILION !!!!!!!!I always wanted to shop there !! I hope that I can visit there during the up coming holidays though ~

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