Mum’s birthday!!!

Today is mum’s birthday… It was just another ordinary day for her… Nothing special!! She is still worry about grandpa who is still in the hospital. But then, this evening, the doctor said his glucose level had already decrease, which is good news for all of us.

During the night, mum took my brother and I for dinner as dad couldn’t join us because he went for open house celebration this afternoon. So left only 3 of us. Mum took us to Elmondo Pizza. While waiting for the food, mum went outside and park her car properly. And that’s when I order a special nice good-looking apple pie with ice-cream for her. But guess what?? The owner said that he’ll give it for free since is mum’s birthday. I was so shocked and I keep thanking him. When we finally finished our food, the owner played a birthday song and there is even a candle on the pie. Mum was so shocked and she was so happy.

She said she couldn’t sleep that night as she was too happy. Looks like everyone is happy. The owner is happy because he did something good and make mum’s day. Mum’s happy because of the surprise. Brother and I were happy because mum is happy. Maybe God did used the owner just to make mum’s day. But anyhow, I’m sure God will bless that owner for what he had done.

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