Caring teachers are hard to find

Today in school was fine. But somehow today I felt sleepy. Pn Liew scolded the class today because we are still not good in Differentiation. She said since tomorrow is a holiday, we must all study and master that chapter because that chapter is easy to score in exam. She’s like our third mother as she cares so much bout our class.

Our second mother in school is Miss Chow, our form teacher. She’s really good to our class. Even thought sometimes she always nag at us, but then everyone knows that it’s only for our own good. She’s always worry bout our future and always advice us to study hard. I still remember what she said that day. “Nothing stays forever with you. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will eventually leave you one day, your parents will leave you, but the results in SPM and the certificates will not leave you. It will stay with you until the day you die. Without them, it won’t be easy to apply for a good job. So if you just sacrifice these two years to study hard, it’ll be no problem for you at all in the future.”

Not every teachers care so much. But they do. In fact, most of our subjects teachers care bout us. But still, they’re not like Pn. Liew and Miss Chow. Other teachers only care bout us scoring the subjects they teach. And they do advice us, just that their advices is all on that subjects. Whereas for Pn. Liew and Miss Chow, they always advice us not to find love in the hurry. But instead study first because love can be found anytime but once your results are not satisfying, it can’t be found anymore. For what they told us before, I’ll always remember their good advice. I’m really grateful to have teachers so caring like them. It’s hard to find teachers like this. It’s one in a million…


  1. Katrina says:

    well. i agree with u. both of them are the best…some of them jz keep nagging for their inconvenience sake/ release anger but they dun nag cuz of…..i dun think they are mothers to us. i felt they are sisters to us

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