Advantages of Having a Blog or Diary

Many people may think that having a blog or keeping a diary may be useless because to them, the past is already the past. And there is no used keeping them.

This is true… If something bad happen or someone talk behind your back, you surely don’t want to remember it in your life. It’s better to ‘shake it off’ as quick as possible. But having a blog or keeping a diary doesn’t mean that it will remind you of the past where bad things happens… It depends on how you see it.

Like getting into nature, keeping a diary or having a blog can do wonders for your soul. It can become your best friend, the only place you can fully express yourself no matter how angry, happy, sad or confused you feel. You can pour your heart out and it will just sit there and listen. It won’t talk back. And it won’t talk behind your back. Writing down your unedited thoughts can clear your mind, boost your confidence and help you find yourself.

Keeping a diary or having a blog will also strengthen your tool of self-awareness.It’s fun enlightening to read the past entries and realize how much you’ve grown, how stupid and immature you once sounded, or how caught up you were with some boys or girls. If you think this way by keeping a diary or having a blog, it will change your concept of thinking the opposite way…

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