Trip to Melaka

I really miss AFamosa (Melaka). We went there during the 1 week school holidays (22rd – 24th Sept). It was really fun. We went to the Melaka towm and stayed there for one day. And then the next day, we went to AFamosa Resort. In Melaka town, we went to see the museum and during the night, we went to the night market. It sells many kind of things. It’s kindda different from Penang’s night market. Some things even Penang din’t sell. We did brought some things there. And the next day, we woke up early, eat breakfast and start out journey to AFamosa Resort. It was quite far away from the town.

When we 1st reach the AFamosa Resort, we went to the Animal World Safari. There were so many performance like animal show, elephant show, and etc… And the animals were all so cute… I even felt like taking them back and keep them as pets. (^.^)

Then around 6 something, we went to Cowboy Town. We watched the 4D show. There was not much things in Cowboy Town, not like the Animal World Safari, but the Red Indian Show and the Carnival were very impressive… One of the red indians even called me out to do a performance with them. That is follow what another red indian did. And I did follow. It was humiliating but fun at the same time. It was dark. Only the fire in the middle… So I couldn’t see anyone but they can see me. And during the Carnival Show, the animals walk by and they were all trained perfectly well. And it ended with the amazing fireworks.

We went back to Penang the next morning. When I was in Melaka, I din’t think bout anything at all. It just keep me busy enjoying that my mind din’t even think back about Penang. I hope to go there again during the next holidays [^_^]

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