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My dad attended an internet bootcamp in Singapore on the 7-9 Dec 2006 and that was when he took the opportunity to bring the whole family there for a short vacation. Otherwise, my brother and I would not have the chance to visit Singapore if not for his seminar. In fact, he was invited to the seminar by his good friend (Uncle Aaron and Auntie Tracy). This wonderful couple actually owns Wealth Mentors, the company that organized this Asia Adsense Immersion bootcamp by Dr.Mike Woo-Ming.

Each day after the seminar, dad would come back to the hotel to meet us and could not stop sharing with me on how this Dr. Mike Woo is able to make a lot of money with his internet business. I know he was trying to get me interested in it too because I also have my own small business that earns a small amout of income from my website which I started in 2004. It may not be a lot but enough for my daily school pocket money, tuition and to buy some small items that I like. It was my dad that got me involved in this online business in 2004 when I was just 12 years old. He was a senior manager in one of the big American computer companies when he quit his job to work full time in his online business which is actually the internet. Because of that, he is able to take care of me and my brother and we are actually very fortunate to have at least one of our parent to be with us all the time whenever we need them.

And since he has been so charged up after attending Dr.Mike’s seminar, I think it would be nice for me to share a little with you on what he has been telling me for the past few days about the bootcamp. It is sort of his testimony to me.

Dad has been in the online business for the past 4 years working from home. You should see his tiny office at the corner of our computer room. Actually he is very crazy about computers and technology that he took my little brother, Amos’s room and converted it to become a computer room. He called it his own data center. My poor brother now has to sleep with my parents. Fortunately, I still have my own room. I hope dad would never expand his “data center” or I will also lose my room too.

What dad told me about the seminar was that Dr.Mike uses a system that is very good and efficient. A system that could actually create a business very fast. Ok, since dad told me so much that I could not even remember everything, I have got him to write his testimony himself in my blog below what he thinks about this seminar on Asia Adsense Immersion organized by Wealth Mentors Pte Ltd.

My dad’s brief testimony……

I have been involved in the online business as a full time internet publisher since 2002 and have been working on it since. Starting an online business is not easy as it requires a lot of time and effort. I may be considered by some to be successful for being able to bring in a few thousand US$ a month but they didn’t know that I do have great worries and anxieties because I can’t afford to lose my business as to start a new one takes a very long time. I have been searching around for quite sometime for a system that could actually address this problem I was facing until I came to Dr. Mike’s Adsense Immersion bootcamp.

Dr.Mike is a Medical Doctor, but to me, he is also a Financial Doctor because he has given me some prescriptions to solve my business problem. This guy simply has great strategies and ideas. I have attended a few other internet bootcamps previously but none of them came close to Dr.Mike. His system is very simple but very effective. His method is suitable for both newbies as well as seasoned people like myself. It is practical and simple that sometimes, it just passes us by without us realizing about it. He was also very knowlegable and professional when it comes to Q&A. I threw a lot of advance and technical questions at him and yet he was able to answer all of them to my satisfaction.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to create massive passive online income as he is a real Adsense guru. But unfortunately, I heard that he will no longer be holding such bootcamps anymore. Imagine that I have to work so much harder than him just to earn 25% of what he is making with his little effort. How I wish Dr.Mike was here in Asia a few years ago. That would have made my life much easier.

Now the only challenge I have is to pass this legacy down to my children, minus the anxieties and worries.

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